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Corner House

Whakatu - Nelson

Project: 2008 - 2011 Realization: 2011 - 2012 The design negotiates a tight suburban corner site to produce an alternative higher density residential model for Nelson city.  A resource consent was achieved to increase site coverage from the standard 30 to 50%.  In optimising the building for passive solar, noise + privacy, its mass is conceived as a filtering device for public and private life to the two street frontages.  The building hugs the street front setbacks producing a well-defined corner to the city block, opening up living to a central court yard within the site.  Domestic privacy to the street is balanced by a desire to enhance public life, placing additional living above the corner, in conversation with the bay windows across the street.  In contrast, downstairs primary living has more controlled street views but maximises transparency and access to the northern sun and courtyard.   The stairwell balustrade reflects the buildings filter concept but as a dappled light effect.  It accentuates the brief for a paper thin solution by filtering skylight from above, to the void interconnecting both floors.  The external envelope is constructed of locally sourced timber framing, timber cladding and glazed brick.

Copy of 2Corner House.JPG
Copy of Corner House 1_edited.jpg

Type: Housing

Size: 190sqm

Location: Whakatu - Nelson

Budget: $650,000


Team: Hamish Shaw, Francois Breedt

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