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Terrace Tower

An extensive renovation project that includes replacing earthquake-damaged cladding with a modern insulated envelope, replanning the spatial arrangement, and creating a new roof form that responds to the context. 

The concept of this design relates to the level change of the surrounding topographic context, translating it into an interior feature. The design also responds to the contextual gable craftsman cottages of the street, within a restrictive planning envelope. The improved spatial arrangement maximizes living across four floors, connecting all stories through an open central core and roof terrace. 

Type: Residential

Team: Hamish Shaw, Sarah Morris

Size: 301sqm

Location: Lyttelton

Status: Resource Consent Granted, Building Consent In Progress

2003_Ticehurst Concept diagrams.jpg
2003_Ticehurst_Clay Interior.jpg
2003_Ticehurst clay sectional model.jpg
Construction Detail.jpg
2003_Ticehurst view from drive.jpg
2003_Ticehurst view from selwyn st.jpg
2003_Website Plan.jpg
2003_Website Section 1.jpg
2003_Website Section 2.jpg
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